Wednesday, October 9, 2013

INTO THE WIRE and others

This is another post on Starkweather, and if you’re a Starkweather fan, I’ve got some good news. I was able to get in touch with Rennie Resmini, the vocalist, over Facebook and he sent me the re-masters for “Into the Wire” and various compilation and split tracks. These re-masters were supposed to appear on a double CD put out by Candlelight Records, which never ended up seeing the light of day. This was my first time hearing these re-masters, and I can say for certain that they are better than the originals (especially the CD version of “Into the Wire”, which the band has never been too happy about).

“Into the Wire” came out in 1995, as the first release on Edison Records. Although most people cite “Crossbearer” as their favorite, I prefer this one by far. Three of the six songs on “Into the Wire” appeared first on “Crossbearer” and I think each one is an improvement.
Sadly, this was another case where Starkweather got short-changed by the label. The design and layout of the album was done by an outside party called in for a favor and, go figure, the result was tacky and disappointing to the band. Worse still was how little the band was paid for their efforts—around $1200 for the recording and $1200 in merchandise for a record that easily sold over 10,000 copies, as well as the represses done by Edison without the band’s knowledge.
All these issues aside, “Into the Wire,” is still a great record and the re-master gives us a chance to hear it the way it was meant to sound. Enjoy:

The second part of my post deals with the compilation tracks, six songs that give a fairly comprehensive survey of Starkweather’s sound (not including the wild, Gorguts-influenced direction their music has taken on the past couple of releases). I’ll give some background on each track:
1. “Taming Leeches with Fire”: an earlier version of the song that would later appear on “Croatoan.” I’ve seen this floating around the Internet, but as far as I know, no official release. I believe it can be dated to 2001-2002, but I’m not sure.
2. “Hushabye and Goodnight”: this song would also appear on “Croatoan,” but first it showed up on the end of the “Definitely Not the Majors” compilation, alongside bands such as Coalesce, Gehenna and Bloodlet. This version is the first song of theirs to feature lead guitar work from on and off member Bill Molchanow. The compilation came out in 1997.
3. “Bitterfrost”: another song that would get re-done for “Croatoan.” This version appears on the split 7” with the criminally overlooked Season to Risk. It came out in 1996.
4. “Mainline”: this song appeared on the 1994 “Food Not Bombs” compilation and the “Philly Dust Krew” compilation.
5. “The Divine Art”: first appeared on their 7” (1993) and then later on the “Philly Dust Krew” compilation.

6. “Desolate”: an alternate version of the song that first appeared on “Crossbearer”. This version appeared on their 7” and again on “Philly Dust Krew”

I'd like to thank Rennie Resmini and Starkweather for making and sharing this music. Also, the files are zipped up (I took the care to do this for most of the others on this site as well). has taken down most of the files on my first Starkweather post. If any of the .zip files on this one get taken down on account of copyright notice, please, please let me know in the comments section, so I can make sure to re-upload them. The information I used to write this post came from these interviews:


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